Peter the Great

Joe Shafer

Early Life

Pyotr Alekseyevich "Peter the Great" was born June 9, 1672 in Moscow, at a young age he wasn't very well educated but he was known to be a hard worker. When his brother Ivan died in 1696 and he was declared the sole ruler of all of Russia.
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Early Reign in Russia

Peter inherited a country that was undeveloped, had no order, and was immune to foreign attacks. He was determined to restore the order of the country and make it a powerhouse in the world. Peter believed in the idea of Westernization, so in 1697 he traveled to Europe, to learn about European culture, and how citizens lived their every-day life. When he came back to Russia, he brought with him European teachers, and soldiers that were recruited by the man himself. Peter the great ruled with no limits, in order to spread his beliefs with no limits.

Accomplishments and Policies

When Peter's reign was over, he had accomplished many things. He expanded Russia's border in Europe, created a great army, and ended Russia's long period of time in isolation from other countries. Peter had many policies and demands. He demanded that nobles served in the military, cut their beards, and wear Europe styled clothing. Also, he held parties where men had to dance with women in order to end the division between men and women. Peter had no time for those who revolted, in fact he would simply have you killed if you didn't like the way things were.
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Peter The Great dies of Natural Causes

Thursday, Feb. 8th 1725 at 9pm

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Saint Petersburg, Saint Petersburg

Fun Facts

-Peter killed his own brother when he convicted him of high treason. Peter did this with his own power.

-When he found out his wife had another lover he had the man beheaded and forced his wife to keep his head in a jar.

-He imposed a tax on those who wished to have beards, he collected 100 rubies a year from those men.

-Peter fought as a regular soldier in order to help his army beat the Turks in battle once.

-Lastly, Peter was known to be very tall especially for his time period, it is believed that he was around 6 feet 7 inches tall.