The Civilian Works Administration

by Justin Heine

The creation of the CWA

On November 8th 1933 the CWA was unveiled to the public to provide jobs for the tough winter ahead. It employed more than 4 million americans in the hard winter months to keep people from starving when the winter arrived.

Harry L. Hopkins man in charge

FDR appointed Hopkins to be in charge of the CWA all the way until it was dissolved on March 31, 1934 and from there Hopkins helped with PWA the ancestor of the CWA.

What was the program supposed to do?

The CWA was created by FDR to employ americans to help restart the economy. After three months after its creation the 4 million were on its payroll receiving minimum wage which was plenty for those with no jobs

Major projects.

The CWA laid over 12 million feet of lines and improved over 255,000 miles of roads. They built 40,000 schools 3,700 playgrounds and 1,000 airports. While a lot of people supported the CWA some people saw it as a waste of taxpayer money. Because they didn't see the end results of it.

The New Deal.

I believe that this program was important because it created much needed jobs to help people get through tough times. I believe that the New Deal was important in general because with the economy in as tough shapes as it was people needed a kickstart to get the ball rolling again.
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Civil Works Administration