Canadian military involved in (AFG)

(Afganistan) Civil war

How did it start

It all started after a former soviet union withdrew from its military occupation in the 1980s Taliban regime would gain control of Afghanistan but there was limited civil rights which supported the international terrorist groups (which was behind the attack in the (U.S.A.). After September 11 the united nations formed to fight against these threats.

Canadas resonse to the civil war

Canada came to Afghanistan and brought medical supplies to help injured civilians that were affected by the civil war.

How canada can stop this war

Canada is sending troops to fight against the civil war by bringing medical supplies food water and securing safe outposts.

What is the taliban

The Taliban is a predominantly, Islamic fundamentalist group that ruled Afghanistan for 5 years start of civil war:1996 end of war:2001.

The Story Of The Taliban

The end of the war

In the end canada lost a lot of troop but saved a lot of lives thanks to canada bringing the help and the supplies many who were helped were thank full for canada helping them live through the civil war.
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