Something Borrowed

Connecting modern literature to Greek myths

About Something Borrowed...

Two best friends, Darcy & Rachel, since forever both turn out to like the same guy, Dex. Darcy was always more pretty and social. She got all the boys as well as everything else she ever wanted. Rachel aa shy girl who focused on school and life ahead and what she had hoped her furture would bring, unlike Darcy who only thought about the present. Rachel and Darcy were always there for each other, but that changes when Darcy becomes Dex's fiance. Rachel loves Dex but cant do anything about it, at least not with Darcy knowing. Rachel and Dex have an affair and both realize how much they love each other. Will Dex and Darcy get married? Will they happily ever after? Or with Rachel tear apart the marriage and end up with the love of her life?

Protagonist's in the book Something Borrowed

The book is about the friendship between Darcy and Rachel who both end up likeing the same guy, Dex. Ethan, also Rachel's friend, helps her with some difficult decisions in the hidden relationship she is in.

Characters and greek mythology connections


Ethan is the middle man, alot like the oracle of Apollo. Many people as well as gods turn to the oracle for advice and help. In the book, Rachel turns to her good friend Ethan for advice and support in her sticky situation.

Theme Connections

In the Something Borrowed, like many greek myths, there is love triangle. In this case both Darcy and Rachel are in love with Dex who is engaged to Darcy. This is alot like the case with Zeus. Zeus is married to Hera, but he always seems to fall in love with an other maiden. When Hera finds out who the other maiden is, she makes sure that she pays for taking her husband. In connection to the book, when darcy finds out that Rachel and Dex have an affair Dracy chooses to never speak to Rachel again.

Book Review

Mariah Houle

Something Borrowed by Mariah Houle
Personally I really enjoyed the book and knowing that it is only book one of a series, I am very excited to go ahead and read the others. I would recomend this book to any high school girl who enjoys to read romance books with a twist.