Winslow's Weekly Update

What's happening in Room B-4


We have been busy making connections in our reading. We can make text to self, text to text and text to world connections. We are going to continue practicing how to infer in our reading. This week our phonics will concentrate on the -th and -wh sounds at the beginning and ending of words. (when, which, then, math, that...)

Computer Lab and Technology

We were bumped out of the computer lab for a few weeks due to the state mandated tests for grades 2-5 but were able to get back in this week. I introduced a math website called Sumdog to the kids. There are lots of math games that work on the first grade standards. Below you will see some of the kids working. We also continue to have the ipads in our room on a daily basis. I use them for listening to reading during our Daily 5 time, RAZ kids and for math stations.


We have started Unit 6 in our math curriculum. This week we will be learning about picture graphs and learning how to read and understand them. We will learn about comparing and use words like more, fewer, less, compare.

Important News

***No School on Monday. The teachers will be in workshops all day.

***It is time to sign up for conferences again. Please go on to the website below and get your child signed up for a time. I look forward to meeting with you and catching you up on what your child has been doing in school!

(there is an underscore between Rice and Lake and Elementary)

Monday- No School Tuesday- Music Wednesday- PE Thursday- Music Friday- PE