Paving the Path for Your Future

Why InRoads?

InRoads is an excellent choice of education for all students. There is something for everyone, considering that there are four different "strands" to choose from; Global Business, Engineering, BioMedical, and, new to the program this year, Communication Arts. Each of these strands allows you to work in a very hands-on and personalized learning environment.

Communication Arts

This strand is new this year and revolves around the media and video production. More information on this strand is to come later.

Global Business and Marketing

In this strand, you will learn about the basics of business. Including etiquette, structures, stocks, and marketing.


This strand is about all the different types of engineering. You will make lots of projects using the online computer system Inventor while learning what it takes to be an engineer in today's world.


This strand is focused on bio-medical sciences. You will learn about different careers pertaining to the medical field and how to be successful in them.


If you have any questions about InRoads, you can talk to your guidance counselor or contact our business adviser directly. She will be sure to answer your questions ASAP.