News & Notes

May 13, 2016

Dates and Reminders


Thursday, May 19th and Friday, May 21st - Kindergarten Screening of current UPK students

Tuesday, May 17th Budget Vote

Thursday, May 19th Last Day of REACH

Wednesday, May 25th Valley Rally 9:15 AM- Patriotism, Memorial Day and Introduction to Flag Day

Friday, May 27th Half Day, No UPK

Monday, May 30th Memorial Day - No School

Monday, June 6th BOE Meeting

Friday, June 17th Valley Pallooza

Monday, June 20th last Day of School for UPK

Tuesday, June 21st Last Day of School for K-2nd Grade

Teacher Verification Forms

Teacher Verification Forms should be in my mailbox by the end of today, please.
Please continue to use the PLC padlet to view resources shared by the teams.

Please remember to bring your Interactive Journals to write your own notes and reflection responses.

Try Something New

Scratch Jr.

Scratch Jr. is a free app which introduces students to coding. I had downloaded this app on my Android early in the school year and played with it. Honestly, I was not so impressed. About one month ago one of our parents was an hour late picking up one of our students. I was by myself (a Friday, of course) and gave the student my Android and opened Scratch Jr. for her to "play with." This student in 45 minutes created an entire story with herself as the main character. In that 45 minute "play time" the student was able to take a picture of herself and include her face in an avatar, make a series of slides to tell a story-including her own text. I was shocked!! I provided no support, just handed this 6 year old child the Android. She took the initiative to make a story with text and appropriate illustrations.

Give Scratch Jr. a is worth it.

Certification Meetings


NYS has recently made changes to requirements for all certificate holders, that will require your action as of July 1, 2016. In order to ensure you get the most up to date information on this, there will be multiple opportunities for you to attend informational sessions on what YOU need to do. Every person identified above MUST attend 1 session, and therefore there will be a sign in sheet at each session. The dates and times are below.

5/23 – Gorham Faculty Meeting (2:15 – 2:35)

5/24 – MS/HS Library (2:30 – 2:50) (HS LIBRARY)

5/24 – Valley AM session (8:15 – 8:35)

5/26 – Gorham Session (2:15 – 2:35)

6/6 – MS/HS Library (2:30 – 2:50) (HS LIBRARY)

6/2 – Valley AM session (8:15 – 8:35)

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