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2 June 2013

Welcome - Sample

Dear DC Students and Families,

It is wonderful to be part of Discovery College in the very rewarding role of Higher Education Counsellor.

We have an exciting line up of university visits and I am looking forward to meeting you all over the coming weeks. Year 12 is a crucial time in the university search process, when research is at its most intense. Please try to attend as many university visits as you can, as talking to the reps and asking questions is one of the

most valuable resources in the whole process.

Please do sign up for these events by emailing me on or stopping by the HE Centre.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Best wishes

Susie Blomfield

Higher Education Counsellor

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Thursday, Aug. 15th 2013 at 9pm

38 Siena Avenue

Discovery Bay, LANTAU

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Susie Blomfield, Higher Education Counsellor