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Ignoring bullies

Do you know that so many people get bullied every day. So today I'm going to tell you more about it. It is one of best ways to stop bullies by ignoring them.

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Dealing with bullies

You should deal with bullies that aren't dangerous. EX. if the bully is some sort of weight-lifting champion, you should probably just run away.

But, those other ones are not dangerous. You should tell them to stop and if they don't, walk away. Some of them still don't stop but that's the time to tell an adult.

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working together to stop bullying

If we work together, all the bullies will grow weak and the world will be bully-free.
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4 types of bullying

There are 4 types of bullying.

1. Cyber bullying, cyber bullying is when another person uses a device or an electronic to bully another person.

2.Verbal bullying, verbal bullying is when a person bullies another person face-to-face.

3. Physical bullying, physical bullying is when somebody physically bullies somebody. ( punching, kicking or any other percussive move )

4. Social bullying, social bullying is when somebody bullies another person as a group.