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Carolyn Hax: A Confused Teenager

Dear Carolyn:

I think I might be sick. For about a week now, the only think I have on my mind is a boy I met and I can't stop thinking about him. I used to believe that the cure would set you free, but now I feel like the only way I could ever be set free is to be with the one I love. I used to never break rules, in fact, I used to think rules were mandatory for a civilized nation. However I have recently broken curfew and have been sneaking out. This one boy has also changed my entire view on our lifestyle. Do you think I'm just overreacting or do you think I could really be sick?


A Confused Teenager

Dear Confused Teen:

It sounds to me like you may just be gong through a rebellious phase. I went through the same thing as a teen and trust me, you're not going to be thrown into the crypts for breaking a few rules. However, if you think it may be more than just a phase then I would stay away from this boy and get cured ASAP.

Hope this helped,

Carolyn Fax

Can You Imagine a World Without Love?

This action-packed romance trilogy is full of adventure, tragedy and even a touch of comedy. Seventeen year old, Lena Halloway has been dreaming of the cure her entire life. However, that all changes when she meets Alex Sheathes, the boy of her dreams. Not to mention that they live in a society where love is forbidden and physically removed from you. Learn more about their story in the new major motion picture Delirium!

Annabel Haloway- A Soul Taken Too Early.

Mother, wife, sister, friend. Annabel Haloway was infected with the deadly diseas; delirium, which ultimately took her life. At the age of a young twenty-six years old, Anabel took her own life. Despite being cured, Annabel's sickness was deadly and overcame her. She may have still been here with us today, if it wen't for uncontrollable emotions. She will be missed and may her memory forever carry on.
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The Wilds: The Only Place You Can Ever Be Free

This is a love friendly environment for invalids of all ages. It is a great place to live if you're looking to get away from all of the politics. This is also a great place to stay if you want to join the rebellion. If you are cured, but don't believe in the cure, come to the wilds, you'll fit right in.

Love- The Deadly Disease

Lena Haloway, who lives in a society where love, or any type of feelings are surgically removes at the age of eighteen. An age coming closer and closer to the seventeen year old when she falls in love with boy named Alex Sheathes. For months, the two broke curfew, sneaked out and trespassed,m just to spend time with each other. The couple was even spotted on the beach while laying in the sand a few feet away from each other. Alex has a past criminal record of his own, however Lena's was squeaky clean- just until all of her secrets were revealed.