Pop Up JB in a Doctor's Office

speedy no frills

It doesn't have to be purdy!

Our product sells itself - without all of the frills!

Too nervous to even suggest a JB at your Dr's office?

Not sure how to go aobut it?

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I usually offer to bring in burritos and water for lunch - this office didn't even need me to do that!

Went in on Friday before Mother's Day -

1 Doctor, 4 nurses: $600 JB!

Time: lunch hour!!! From set up to clean up 1 hour 30 min

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Ah yes - on the way to my lunchtime JB, the school calls and tells me Hadley's got burned by a hot glue gun and that I needed to pick her up and get her hand checked!

LUCKILY - we were headed to a Dr's office, right!?? She had plenty of nurses to fix her all up!

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What did they buy? Lots of lanyards!!!

Average sale: $95!

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I offered TWO free charms per Lanyrd Locket!

I always offer 1 free charm but it was Nurse Appreciation Day so an extra bonus!

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