1880 to 1920 american events



Political: The 16th amendment was the introduction of a Federal income tax. This was a progressive income tax meaning the more you made the more you paid. This helped the government raise money for important things like the military, infrastructure, etc. I am glad for this because it help boost America.


Chinese immigration too the United States. It helped with workers and also help too make the rail road system. I am glad that they were able too come here because they helped build America up.


political: Chinese exclusion act stopped chinese people who did not already have familys here from being able too live here in America. I think it was the correct thing too do because it help the American people keep jobs and support there own familys


The anti-immigration era tried to stop immigration but it stopped all of workers from coming and it also made it hard on company's and different things in America. I think this was a bad thing because we needed America too keep growing and it stopped that from happening.


political: Labor laws change the work place and stop kids from working and other differences. I think that this was good because every thing we do should and most of the time will have some type of law.


Farmers protest due to crop fail and price drops. The farmers start a alliance against the government. I think that this was bad because it was a out barest in America witch was not needed.


Political: Forest Reserve act passed to save the forests. I believe this was a very smart move because if we don't leave some land then we wont have places were its not heavily populated.


Woman's Christian Temperance Union founded. It was made so that woman can have a say in are country. I think this was great because woman should have the same rights as man.


Political: U.S. gained Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, Philippiens. it helped with trade and different things in the world. I think it was a very good thing because it helped the U.S. grow.


Dollar Diplomacy made it so America could sure money with other country's so that they can grow. I think this was a very good thing because it helped others grow witch helped the world get better.

World war 1

Political: USA declares war on Germany. This was a big step for the U.S. to step in and stop Germany. this was a good thing because if the U.S. did not stop them life would not be the same.


German U-boat campaign it stop the flow of ships, trade and stopped supplies from getting too America and America had too put a stop too it. It was a bad thing because it stop every boat.