marfan syndrome


What is the cause of Marfan Syndrome

A mutation, or change in the gene that cotrols the body and makes fibrilin causing marfan syndrome.

wich gene or chromosone is afected.

chromosone 15


What are the symtoms.

pain in the back , crowded teeth , blurred vision or near sightedness , abnormaly long fingers , legs and arms

is anyone a candidate for this disease.

If you have a mother or father who has this disease than you will have a 50% chance of getting the disease

what is the medical asistance for this disease

Treatment includes medication to keep blood presure low , eye glasses or contact lenses , and surgery

Are there any treatments or cures


Cant the disorder be prevented


ca person have children . will those children be at risk

the person can have children but the child will have a 50% chance of having the disease

cure coming soon

little advancements in car but no cure