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6th Grade (My Homeroom)

Please turn in the $10 general fee this week. Also your student should have brought home a purple sheet in their handbook for you to sign and return. I have received most of them but a few are still missing.

What your kiddos are doing....

This month your students are learning about methods in science. This includes the scientific method and how to conduct an experiment. So be asking about what they did at school there will be days where they have some exciting answers! Encourage them to question the world around them. Next time a rainbow appears talk about what makes a rainbow show up.

5th Grade

What your scientists are doing...

As you know 5th grade has a science test at the end of the year. Your students are working out of LearnEd notebooks. Each unit has its own notebook. This month we are focusing on weather. The benchmark for Weather begins October 8th. Encourage your child to look at the clouds. Ask them what type they are and what weather is associated with them. Have them watch the weather channel and talk about any fronts that are coming in.

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4th Grade

What your historians are doing....

4th grade focuses on North Carolina History. Your students will start off by looking at the counties and regions of the state. We will also look at the symbols and history of North Carolina. Help your student out by talking about other parts of the state we live in. Ask them what region they live in. Share stories about places in North Carolina that you have been.

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