Please Stop Laughing at Me

By: Jodee Blanco


In jodee's Elementary School years, things were going great until 5th grade had started. Jodee had volunteered with the special needs kids to help out and jodee had became close to one of them named Marianne, but one of Jodee's really good friends Jo Ellen didn't like the idea at all. Jo Ellen told Jodee if they were to be friends she had to stop hanging out with the "retards" and that's were it all went down hill. Jodee decided to move to Morgan Hills Academy, Jodee had met new people and had made new friends, she was considered in the "popular crowd." Until Jodee had made one mistake at a party and everyone considered her a tattletale. They picked on her and punished her for getting them in trouble with there parents. Jodee couldn't stand up to them much longer and moved again! Jodee's new school was Northwest Junior High, she was determined to do great. It worked for a while, she made lots of new friends during the summer and they were inseparable, they did everything together, but once it came down to them picking on someone on the bus, Jodee Knew the right thing to do was stand up for him and they didn't appreciate it at all. They would verbally, emotionally, and physically harass her on the bus and at school, soon enough everyone was doing it. Twenty years had finally past, everything that happened to her, she was free, free from all the pain, " I feel as if I'm floating now. the weight Iv'e been carrying inside me for so long has been lifted." Pg 268

Jodee Blanco

Jodee Is an inspiring woman, she has gone through so much pain in her years even starting out young, I never quite understood why Jodee was picked on all the time, I mean she wasn't hurting anyone she was sticking up for people who couldn't, and that takes bravery. Jodee Blanco is a two-time best selling author and so many people around the world look up to her." I close my eyes and envision the images of everyone who was ever kind to me while I was growing up-my parents, grandparents, my aunts and cousins, Dr. Arnold, Annie and her gang of caring misfits, and Niko and my loving friends in Santorini. these people held me up when I needed it most and I thank God for them, Pg. 267." Jodee has many friends and family who love her and would do anything for her as she would for them, I hope Jodee continues to succeed and keep coming along with these amazing inspirational stories.

Theme and Book Rating

Theme: Stay strong- Giving into the "enemy" only makes it worse, Fighting back gives them fuel to keep pushing. Stand up for what you believe in and ask for help even when you think you don't need it.

Book Rating: I would rate this book 5/5 because it's such an inspirational book. This book almost brought me to tears while reading it and that's what I look for. I loved reading this book and reading through all the hardship Jodee had gone through and how she got through it and just kept pushing no matter how tough it got.

Stand up for bullying


Jodee has encountered a character vs society conflict, Jodee has to face school bullies who don’t really understand why Jodee does what she does. The resolution for this conflict is time, it took a lot of time and hope to get through being bullied. For Jodee this took all the way till Jodee's reunion until they realized what they were really doing. Some people had already knew what they were doing was wrong but were to scared to stick up for Jodee cause they didn't want to get bullied as well. " Jodee, I knew you had a crush on me in high school. Everybody did. That was the problem. The sad part is that I liked you, too. But I was afraid of what my friends would say if I asked you out, because you were, you know..... "He stops, unsure if he should continue. A reject I volunteer."

You are not alone assembly version

Textual evidence

What type of person is Jodee Blanco? Jodee is kind and is someone who doesn't always think of herself before others. Jodee is also brave in ways no one would imagine, I say this because, Jodee has always stuck up for the kids that couldn't. The passage said "Jodee, don't coddle the sissy," Greg said indignantly." This is one of my favorite quotes from the passage because this is the time that Jodee tried to stick up for Jason on the bus because he was crying about how his parents might get a divorce and the other kids were calling him a baby. Jodee tried to comfort him and the other kids did't appreciate the fact that Jodee did that. This is also the time when Jodee realized that she was meant to do that not for her parents but for herself.


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