Live Oak Elementary Counseling Department Newsletter

Happy New Year!

We are so happy to see all of the smiling faces coming back to school for the second semester! Summer seems a long, long way away, but the spring semester always moves fast. Please make sure your child is at school on time everyday unless he or she is sick. Missing just one day of instruction can have a negative impact on a student's learning. The state has implemented new laws regarding attendance and truancy at the elementary level. You can get more information on these changes by viewing this video created by Round Rock ISD: State of Texas Absence and Truancy Laws
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Classroom Guidance Preview

This month our classroom guidance lessons will focus on Digital Citizenship and Cyber-safety. As our world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, it is important for students to learn safety rules for technology use. With Kindergarten and First grade, we will focus on safety when using the internet, such as not giving out personal information online, and not clicking on pop-up windows without checking with an adult. With Second and Third grades, we will talk about safety and review guidelines such as checking with an adult before posting pictures or information on websites, as well as being good digital citizens and not using the internet to bully others. In Fourth and Fifth grades we will focus on a student's digital footprint, reminding students that things posted on the internet never go away, and that students should be careful about what information they put out about themselves.

Resources for Families

There are many great resources available online for cyber-safety and digital citizenship. Here are a few to get you started: