Weekly Wildcat News for Families

Week of 8-8-22

Off to a great start....

Friday was a great first day at EV. We spent the day reviewing our rules and procedures. Teachers and students were smiling and learning all day. The weather was beautiful and students received some outside breaks. WE LOVE OUR WILDCATS!
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Let's Speed up the Car Line

Help us, Help you with the TRAFFIC with these SUGGESTIONS


1. Be ready to depart with everything packed and ready berfore you enter the car line.

2. Say your goodbyes before your child is ready to exit the car.

3. Quickly move onto the sidewalk so you are safe and the next car can unload.

4. Unload 3-4 cars at a time. Once your car is at sidewalk or carport, unload. Front and back is supervised.

5. If you need to take something to the nurse or the secretary, park in the FRONT and enter through the office.

6. No parents allowed beyond the front foyer/office. You must check in as a visitor if you need to go beyond that point. No one allowed through the back.

5. DO NOT PASS UNLOADING CARS. Cars unload on both sides and this is NOT safe.


1. Make sure your child knows where to go afterschool; Bus, Front, Back, or YMCA


3. Load and then park to secure seat belts. Seat belts are difficults for younger kids. We don't want your child to be unsafe or fo you to feel rushed so park and then take your time.

4. Don't arrive too early. Arriving early causes traffic on Bernard and Barton Ridge. 3:05-3:10 is a perfect time arrive and the line is moving at this point.

5. Back Riders in Grades 2-5 may be picked up in gravel lot. If you choose this option, it should be used daily so we know which line to load the kids. We call this group "cross-overs" because they cross the road with Mrs. Ford and walk to their cars.

Students with younger siblings in grades k-1 may not use this option.

6. Do not pass LOADING cars.

2022-2023 Covid Attendance Guidelines

Bus Rider App Directions

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Click Link Below to Apply for Free/Reduced Lunch

Want to load money onto your kids account -click here

If you need the STUDENT ID NUMBER, call Connie after 9 am and she can get that for you.

Lunch and Breakfast

Breakfast served 7:30-8:00

Breakfast Cost $1.60

Lunch Schedules (Below is the start time for each grade level; homerooms stagger each 5 min)

Lunch cost $2.35

2nd grade 10:45 am

3rd grade 11:00 am

PreK 11:30 am

First grade 11:35 am

Fourth Grade 11:50 am

CDC 12:05 pm

Kindergarten 12:15 pm (snack at 10:30 am)

Fifth grade 12:35 pm

Reminder: If your student receives free or reduced lunch, you must renew your application each year in order to continue your P-EBT benefits.

Drop off/Pick Up


  • Door open each morning at 7:15 am
  • Students are dismissed from gym by 8:05 am
  • Students are tardy at 8:15 am and all doors are locked. After 8:15 am, you must park and sign in your child at the front office.
  • Dismissal car lines open at 2:30 for the front and 2:40 for the back. Prek pick up at 2:30 in the back.
  • Dismissal begins at approximately 3:05 to help with traffic.
  • Make sure your child knows where to go at dismissal (Front, Back, Bus room, ESP, YMCA, or gym to wait to go to the Rec Center)
  • Please have car tags displayed for us to read at dismissal.
  • Back only - If you are going to use the gravel lot, this needs to be a consistent daily practice because we sort the students accordingly at dismissal. Please tell your child if you are using the gravel lot instead of the normal path. Only students in grades 2-5.

First Week Photos

Meet Our Teams

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Second Grade

Mrs. Bentley, Ms. Chelsea, Mrs. Baugh, and Mrs. Russell
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Specialist Team

Ms. Sam,- MUSIC Mrs. McAmis- LIBRARY, Mrs. Ottinger- ART, Coach Burr- GYM, and Ms. Haley- GUIDANCE
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Officer James "Bucky" Craft

Officer Craft is an official officer with the Greeneville Police Department.
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Mr. Chris Reid, Lead Custodian

Mr. Chris will be out front each day from 7:15 -7:30 am to assist student and then leads our school in cleaning and maintenance.

More Team Photos to Come Next Week

Custodial and Cafe teams

Also missing ESSER (student support)

Visit our website for information.

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More details coming soon!
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Computers, Care, Canvas, and Computer Insurance

EastView students are blessed to have 1:1 devices meaning every student has a computer available to them each day. Students in grades 3-5 are allowed to bring computers back and forth from school and home. Students in k-2 will keep their computers are home.

Remember that students are responsible for treating these items with care. In grades k-2, we keep the computers at school. In the event, we were to be switched to virtual learning we would send home the computers for that period. Students in grades 3-5, are allowed to take home computers each night.

Reminders for all:

Carry computers with two hands and do not carry them by the lid.

Keep all food and drink away from computer.

Restart your computer often.

Charge your computers when you are finished for the day.

Be responsilbe citizens and only visit safe school approved sites.

Grades 3-5

Use your computer bag and remember to return to school each day.

Charge your computer each night.

Keep charger in computer bag just in case.


All teachers and students in grades k-5 will be using Canvas this year. Canvas is a Learning Management System and will be our platform for classroom assignments. If your child was a virtual student last year, then he/she is already familiar. Teachers will need a few weeks to get all students familiar and ready to use but we will use this tool often throughout the week. Our goal is to always be prepared in the event of distance learning implementation.

Computer Insurance: Insurance is available for $30 to cover any damages. This insurance is optional but much cheaper than paying to replace the entire computer. Checks can be made payable to EastView Elementary and please note the child's name and write computer insurance in the message.

What to do if you have any computer issues??

What do I do if I am having technology problems?

If students are having a problem with their computers (if the display is broken, you can skip step 1 and 2. Send an email to helpdesk@gcschools.net on that student’s behalf), have them do the following:

  1. Restart.
  2. If their computer will not connect to the wireless network, please send an email to helpdesk@gcschools.net on their behalf possibly from your phone or personal computer.
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Due to supply shortage the menu will change on 8/9 and 8/11. 8/9 menu will be Wild Mikes cheese bites or BBQ. 8/11 menu will be Chicken Nuggets or Corndogs.
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