Nathaniel Gorham

By: Jordan Holt

Delegate's State


Delegate’s Profession

Merchant and Speculator, Public Security and Interests, Real Estate

Delegate’s age when at the Convention

He was just 49 years old

Did your delegate sign the Constitution?

Yes he did

Professional Achievements

He was elected President of the United States. And he became a delegate or representative for his state of Massachusetts

What did your delegate do to help America gain independence?

He was a member of the Massachusetts Board of War from 1778 until its dissolution in 1781, which oversaw the State's military strategy, logistics , recruitment and coastal. He help plan the military and naval effort where American forces were engaged in several important expeditions against British bases in Nova Scotia.

Was your delegate’s profession useful for creating a constitution?

Yes it was

What ideas did your delegate come up/agree with?

Every gentleman may propose amendments. No necessity of a bill of rights, because a bill of rights in state governments was intended to retain certain powers in the people as the legislatures had unlimited powers.

Why was your delegate chosen as a representative?

Because he could example very well

Why would your delegate’s state want independence?

So they can be free

What was your delegate’s state main exports?

To be free from Great Britain

How could your delegate make the Constitution benefit their state?

By changing the mind of the people in charge

One unusual fact about your delegate

President of the Continental Congress

One unusual fact about your delegate’s state

Its the 7th smallest state