Southwark Park News

March 2021

Welcome Back Message from the Headteacher

Dear Families,

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all the adults for wearing masks (unless exempt), trying to keep your distance and not crowding or rushing when moving through the school. We truly appreciate your patience and understanding and this helps us to ensure we can keep the children in school.

What a spring term it has been, and I am sure you all agree that it is great to have the children back in school. The staff have been carrying out assessments since returning to the classroom to see what fundamentals need to be covered throughout the summer term to ensure that children leave there current year group with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

It is great to see all of the work and events children have been able to take part in throughout this term below, either virtually or in the classroom.

Finally, I would like to welcome all of our new ‘January’ Nursery children who have now physically attended school for the first time this term, I know that the Nursery team have been ensuring they have a great first term at school.

Mr Vernalls


Click Here for Parental Support Links

The Health and Wellbeing team has created a resource hub for parents on the school's website. These resources are designed to support families with issues regarding well-being, bereavements, and much more.

Thank You for the Laptops!

Below is a video to thank our community partners for their generous contributions of laptops. The devices ensured many of our pupils could engage with school and continue their learning during lockdown.
A big thank you from everyone at Southwark Park School

Secondary Uniform Grants

Parents/carers of Year 6 children can apply for a clothing grant if they have a child aged 11 years old, that is moving from primary school to a secondary state or voluntary aided school in Southwark and the parent/carer and child live in the borough of Southwark. Click here to learn more about the grant and sign up for this financial support.

If you do not live in Southwark but will be attending a Southwark school, you can contact your home local authority to see if they are providing this service. Alternatively, if you live in Southwark but will be attending a school outside of the borough of Southwark, you can contact the local authority of the school your child will be attending in Year 7 to enquire about the support they are offering.

Science Week

Friday March 5th to Friday 12th March was British Science Week and this year’s theme was ‘Innovating for the future’. Over the week, we were introduced to real-life scientists, discovered a variety of engineering jobs waiting to be explored and were given multiple opportunities to show our creativity and imagination through rich tasks. Using knowledge gained over the week, the students produced posters and some will be chosen from each class to enter the nationals British Science Week Poster Competition. Wouldn’t it be exciting is one of the students won?

In year one we focused on innovation and inventions! We looked at important scientific discoveries and inventions from the past and thought about what we could invent to improve the future. We designed some of our own machines and inventions to change the world. We also went on a sensory trip to the beach in an online STEM workshop! Excitingly, Year 2 took part in workshops about robots and space exploring technology and the solar system. Year 3, 5 and 6 watched a live talk by Andrew Turner, a real-life inventor, who uses his creativity to fix problems and save companies money with his new inventions. One of his inventions helps keep people safe from fires using lasers, neat! Linking to their current national curriculum unit, Year 4 were learning all about sound and got to make and use telephones. They also learnt about space and the new space hotel. Later they designing eye-catching space suits for potential visitors. Years 5 and 6 were focused on engineering, and using playing cards with real-life engineers from the West of England, they explored the advantages and disadvantages to 52 different engineering careers, from virtual reality software designer to fermented food producer and everything in between.

Red Nose Day

On Friday 19th March, the school celebrated Comic Relief. The theme for this year's day was having some fun! The children all looked great in their own clothes and their red noses – which is the world’s first 100% plastic free red nose.

Children at Southwark Park took part in Red Nose Day quizzes, they designed a share a smile posters where they had to tell their peers their favourite jokes and looked at Ethan’s story. The school ended the special day with a power ballad dance along. The children had lots of fun dancing with their peers and showing off their fantastic moves.

Thank you for all the donations made to Comic Relief. We have helped changed the lives of people across the UK. ​

Article of the Week

Food and Fun Easter Holiday Programme

This year Southwark Council will be hosting the Food and Fun holiday programme during the three main school holidays: Easter, Summer and Christmas. The programme is funded by the Department for Education and builds on last summer’s very successful ‘Summer of Food and Fun’ which was run in conjunction with Lambeth. The programme aims to support local families access free, healthy food and fun activities over school holidays in 2021.

This Easter, we will be partnering with local holiday hubs across Southwark to provide an exciting programme of food and activities for children and young people in our local communities, aged between 5 and 16 years. Please check out the Easter programme website, where you can locate and sign up to their nearest hub.

Each programme will provide:

  • Free, nutritious and tasty food,
  • Fun physical activity sessions,
  • A wide range of other enriching activities to suit different ages and personalities, and
  • Opportunities to learn more about food and nutrition for children and their families​

World Book Day

This year, for our World Book Day celebrations, we chose to explore the theme of ‘Magic’ and all things magical. The focus was on the creative and fun elements of writing as the day was celebrated during lockdown and online learning so the activities allowed the children to delve into their imaginations from home. The dress code for the day was to dress up as a magical character or in an outfit that made them feel magical or powerful. On the day, the children explored narratives with magical elements including shrinking children, paintings that came to life, stars that escaped into the night sky and the secret underworlds of new and exciting animals. The children used these to jumpstart their imaginations and then wrote diary entries, narratives, setting descriptions or perspective twists and also produced pieces of art work related to their stories.

Another exciting activity was the creation of our whole school poem ‘Magic’ which will be attached for everyone to view and displayed in both halls in school for the children to be inspired by. We based our structure on the poem ‘Magic’ by Joshua Seigal which explores magical elements of our everyday lives such as rainbows in the rain and playing football in the park. We wanted to create a poem that reminds us of all the magical things in life even in difficult times to motivate us all to stay positive and to be our best selves even in new and uncertain circumstances. Each class worked together to create one stanza of the poem sharing everything that makes us smile and feel the magic around us every day! We hope you enjoy it!

Accessing Digital Book through Southwark Libraries

The English team has created a video to show parents how to access digital books via the public library. In this video, you will find step-by-step instructions, as well as the username and password to sign-in to the online platform. If you have your own library card, we ask that you use your own details to help ensure children without library cards can access books using the school's details. When checking out a book, please remember to return your book when you are finished and only return the book that you have checked out. Happy reading!
Checking out Digital books from the public library

Please checkout the calendar to see the different events that are coming up in December.


Please remember to check out the school website and Twitter account so you can stay up-to-date with all the things that are happening at Southwark Park.