The Voice On The Radio

Aaron Williams

Story Elements

The voice on the radio takes place in how hills college during the past. The main conflict in this story is Janie Reeve girlfriend, miss Reeve because he went off to college and he told her he isn't coming home until he become rich and famous. The starts off with Janie sending a email to Reeve telling him he miss him.

Character Analysis

The character in the story is Reeve. Reeve is scared, nervous and shy. The only thing that motivates him is his fans listening to his stories and calling asking him to tell more stories on the radio about Janie. One thing i like about him is he takes his time with things before he does it. One thing i hate is that him doesn't stand up for up for him self in situation. The relationship between Reeve and Janie was both worried about each other.


Reeve is trying his hardest to become rich and famous so he could take care of Janie and his family. I said that because he went off to college to get on the radio and to become more noticed. The, he told Janie he wasn't coming back until he become rich and famous. Another example is he was telling good stories. One more example is he got his chance to be put on the radio too.


I rate this book a 7 because it should've had more action. I don;t think teens will be able to relate tho this story because some teens don't chase their dream like Reeve was. Most teens need to take their dream to the next level like Reeve was taking his dream to the next level.