The Karankawa Indians

By: Gage Bogdos

Region, Type of food, and How food was obtained

The Kawakawa Indians lived in the Coastal region ( coastal bend ) of Texas. The Coastal Bend starts at the West end of Galveston Island and extends southwest down to Corpus Christi. Fish, shellfish, and turtles were most of the Karankawa's diet. They would also eat blackberry and other plants and roots in the spring and early summer. They obtained there food is they would use 3 feet or longer arrows to hunt animals that lives underwater such as fish. They also used that same method to hunt land animals as well.

What type of dwelling did the Karankawa indians live in?

The Karanakawa Indians lived in small huts made of long tree sapling or limbs bent over and tied together. They would cover the framework with woven grass mats, palm trees, and animal skins.

Weapons and Tools they used

The Karanakawa tools were made from stone, wood, bone, sea shells, and cane. They had knives, scrapers, and arrow and spear points. They also used baskets.

The Karankawa Indians Relgion and Traditions

Most of the Karanakawa Indians religious ceremonies were to ensure a successful hunt, fishing trip, or raid against enemy's. The religious ceremonies were lead by Shamans, Shamans are people said to interact with the spiritual world and was believed to heal people. The rituals included dancing, and the use of herbal smoke for purification.

Karankawa Indians Leadership

Kaycee Pilgreen was the leader of the Karanakawa tribe. The leader was a woman because the men were always out hunting and gathering food to make the tribe life easier.

Where are the Karanakawa indains located now?

The Karanakawa Indians became extinct by 1858. There extinction was due too wars, disease lead to a lethal combination and made the Karanakawa Indians go extinct.

Unique Facts

1. The Karanakawa Indians would smear animal fat on their bodies to prevent bug bites.

2. The Karanakawa men were often over 6 feet tall!

3. Both the men and women would tattoo themselves top to bottom with bold designs.