Instructional Design

1. Develops lessons with elements essential to instruction.

  • Select objective (Arizona ELP & Grammar Scope and Sequence-Heidi)
  • Teach to the objective
  • Use principles of learning
  • Monitor and adjust teaching

2. Designs instruction to meet student academic standards.

  • Grammar Scope and Sequence
  • The Painless, Plan-less Grammar Guide Book
  • ELP state standards
  • AZCCRS state standards

3. Creates plans for individual student achievement.

Prior to direct instruction, students take a pre-assessment. The pre-assessment could either be a Google Form, or anticipation guide. I used the information from this assessment to direct my instruction.

4. Plans effective teaching and learning.

  • cross content connections
  • academic language
  • pacing
  • small group instruction with feedback
  • technology intergration