Technology of Law Enforcement

By: Gjergji Vishe

Why Law Enforcement

I chose to do my graduation project on law enforcement because it has allways been my dream. Since I was young everytime I saw a police officer I felt like I saw a superhero, to me those men and women put their lives on the line veryday to ensure the saftey of others. I decited I would also like to be one of those proud members of society and choose law enforcement.

The Technology

I decided to reasearch the technology of law enforcement. The reason I chose that topic was, I love the job of police officer and they get to use some of the most advanced technology in the world which I am very found of.

Interesting Times with my mentor.

Most Interesting thing I learned.

This is a launchable tracker, a magnetic gps that can be shot from a police car to a fleeing suspects vehicle. This Equipment is ment to be used in case of a chase to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt. The officer would launch the device then stop the persute, the officer then can track the suspects vehicle as he is trying to hide.

I think this will become the top produced law enforcement equipment in the world because most deaths in high speed chase are of cevilians who are in no way shape or form involved in the crime the suspect has commited.

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What I Learned from this reasearch.

From doing this project I have learned about more technology in law enforcement then I ever knew existed. This made it very clear to me that this is the carrier I want to persue.