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"Virtually Anything is Possible"

Aldine goes Virtual...

Several years ago Aldine ISD embarked on a journey to provide individualized, innovative, and inspiring learning opportunities to students in an online learning environment. This journey began with the establishment of online credit recovery labs to assist struggling students with meeting the graduation requirements. Counselors, lab instructors, and the online learning department work closely with students and parents to ensure that all students have the opportunity to graduate from high school. Credit recovery and initial credit courses are available through all Aldine ISD labs as well as virtually through Aldine ISD Virtual Learning opportunities. All courses are taught by certified teachers who are equipped with the training and tools to ensure that Aldine's high standard for excellence and rigorous instruction are met.

What is Virtual School?

Graduating our Seniors!

When students have no place to turn their senior year, Aldine Virtual School saves the day! From full course schedules to courses not offered on the students home campus, online learning is a counselor's scheduling dream come true. Online courses are here to help graduating seniors recover those last minute courses that they may have otherwise had to miss graduation to complete. Each year,counseling offices on every high school campus are filled with students racing against the clock to get back on track toward graduation. Virtual School teachers are certified motivational guides who continuously encourage the students that it's never too late while helping them to master the required coursework.

Aldine ISD: Online Learning

Aldine Online Learning supports K-12 Online Learning.