Sadako and The Thousand Paper Crane

By Eleanor Coerr

Sadako's Life

Sadako and The Thousand Paper Cranes is about a girl named Sadako who was born to be a runner. Sadako had a "Peace Day" where anyone can come. There was a race at the "Peace Day." While she was training she kept getting these dizzy spells. The Day came and Sadako could not wait for her family, So her and her friend Chizuko ran ahead of her family. First as she was running she just fell to the ground. Second she felt like the world was spinning. Finally she was rushed to the hospital.

Sadako and Kenji

While in the hospital Sadako made a new friend named Kenji. Kenji was shy like Sadako. They would talk for hours if they could. But then the nurse took Kenji away to his room and me to mine. An later one night her nurse came to tell her that Kenji had died that night. Sadako was Devistayted at what had happen but she knew he was very sick, and would sooner or later.
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This is where her family lives

What happen to Sadako?

Sadako got a disease from the atom bomb. But the bomb was miles away from her city but managed to get to her from the bomb.