The Great Struggle For Canada

By: Blake Boggess


Separatism is a very big issue in Canada today. There are many questions that are surrounding this topic. Quebec wants to become their own country because they speak French and have most of the population in Canada. They have good reasons to break off from Canada but is it enough to break off? It is all a matter of opinion. Many people question whether Quebec could even survive by itself as a country. The government says that Quebec will not become it's own country but every year separatism becomes a bigger topic. Also if Quebec separated from Canada it would really hurt Canada because that is where the Great Lakes are located and it is where most of the trade of the nation occurs. Quebec is where most of Canada's industry is located.

Current Status

There are many things that happen everyday in Canada. They have a large number of immigrants and welcome more in everyday. This results in Canadians speaking in many different languages. This can be bad because nobody could speak in the same language. Canada's government has outlawed the Quebecois attempts to separate from Canada and that they will never succeed. Still people from Quebec are trying to break away from Canada.


Canada started out being ruled by two countries. the French were first located near the modern day province of Quebec. The English ruled the majority of the northern territories. The French and Indian war started in 1754. This war was between the English and the French. The Native Americans were allies of the French in the war. After many long years of fighting, the war ended in 1763. France left Canada after the war and the English assumed control. There were still many French speaking people near the Quebec area so they never changed there language.