The Scarlet Ibis

By: James Hurst pg. 315-323

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"Don't go leave me, Brother"

In the story Doodle repeatedly tell's brother not to leave him. When Brother takes Doodle to see his casket, Doodle refuses to touch it and Brother decides to leave because of Doodle's non-compliance. When Brother leaves, Doodle cries out "Don't go leave me, Brother".


The symbol that i deiced to choose for the story was the Scarlet Ibis. I chose this symbol because i think it represents Doodle. Doodle had a very long journey just like the bird. Doodle spent 3 years of his life tapped inside of a bedroom, His family expected for Doodle to die. Doodle had a lot of health problems such as he couldn't get too hot, too cold, too excited, or too tired, and he must always be treated gently. Doodle was like the bird in ways because just like the bird Doodle was pushed to his limits. The bird also had a straining way to finally be free. Brother pushed Doodle very hard, and so hard it resulted in the death of Doodle.


The mood of the story is very sad and depressing. The story should also make you feel angry and outraged. The outrage and anger that comes from the reading should be directed towards Brother because of how much he pushes Doodle, and some of the things that he does to Doodle such as making him touch his own casket. Brother also broke some of the rules that the Doctor made very clear. Brother also leave Doodle behind multiple times and the last time that he left Doodle behind, Doodle dies.


The theme of this story is how Brother was so selfish. Brother's pride is the factor of what killed Doodle. Doodle died because his own brother was ashamed of him and Brother didn't wanted Doodle to do so much so that Brother wouldn't be embarrased or talked about. When Doodle was 5 he still didn't know how to walk and school was starting soon so his goal was to teach Doodle to walk. Brother taught Doodle to walk even though the journey to get there was straining, Doodle did it. Brother was very selfish and his selfishness and Hatefulness was the reason Doodle died.


The Motif of the story would be the bleeding tree because it represents the pain and suffering that Doodle went through. I think the author decided to do this symbol because it also bleeds just like Doodle does at the end of the story when Brother leaves him behind because of Doodles choices.