The app Pinterest

The most popular app worldwide!

1. Detailed explanation on how Pinterest works?

- First you make an account.

- Then you pick some of the things you like.

- Next you find a pin you like,and "pin it" to a board you made.

- Then you just keep pinning!

2. Who makes Pinterest?

Ben Silbermann is the CEO and visionary cofounder behind Pinterest. Born in 1982,Des Monies,IA. At a interview he said "Pinterest is a catalog of ideas."

3. Does Pinterest change the way we think, act, or what we know about our world?

Pinterest, guaranteed to be fun!

4. What is the impact on our society because of Pinterest?

Pinterest does effect our society, on Pinterest you could put an ad on Pinterest, start a career board,and get ideas for to draw, paint, build,and many other things. Pinterest does effect what we buy, build, and create.

5. What careers are related to Pinterest?

The app Pinterest can be used many ways, one way is to make or help your career. The way you can use Pinterest to help is by making a board and adding pins to your board. You can do just about any career with Pinterest.

6. Is this technology new or has it changed / developed over many years?

This technology has changed and developed over many years. Pinterest is not new, but is very popular today.
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FACTS about Pinterest!

  • 79% of the users are female.
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing website by overall, member growth.
  • 88% purchase a product they pinned.
  • Pinterest helps you be creative, and can be used for marketing.

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