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By: Colby Mock, Landon Parker, and Mitchell McCallister.


Reconstruction was the rebuilding period of time following the Civil War in the 1970's. There were disagreements as to whether people should punish or pardon the South while we tried to rebuild confidence, buildings, and overall our country. Andrew Johnson's very lenient plan was to pardon people and give individual states freedom which led to a set of discriminatory laws called the Black Codes. The Radical Republicans had a plan to punish the South, abolish the Black Codes, and expand the voting and working rights which led to the KKK. During the Reconstruction, the Enforcement Acts of 1870-1871 were passed to help Reconstruction move along. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments were passed during the rebuilding time period. The Dred Scott case was one of the reasons the 14th amendment was passed. The U.S. federal government agency called the Freedman's Bureau helped refugees and freedmen from 1865 to 1872

Ten Percent Plan

Abraham Lincoln has issued plan stipulated that each secessionist state had to redraft its constitution and could reenter the Union only after 10 percent of its eligible voters pledged an oath of allegiance to the United States. A convention was held in little rock in January where they wrote a new constitution that abolished slavery and repudiated secession.