By Nick Johnson

My Winter Break

Winter Break

My break incorporated a mix of video games, snow and Penguins!

Most of my break I played on my Laptop and did cool Minecraft art, I made a penguin of blocks that stood 15 feet (Blocks) high! And made a pirate ship that sailed the sea.

Also I played in the snow I made an Igloo that was pretty bad and it fell the day after, I also went sledding and I crashed in a tree that wouldn't move out of the way no matter how many time I told it to move, and it left a dent. Silly tree.

I had a good time with my fellow penguin stuffed animals I got for Christmas, I also did a lot of studying on penguin, did you know some penguins get lonely and depressed and wonder off to die.

Penguins being Penguins :3

Penguins being Penguins