4 crazy ways medical bills are bad!

By addy allen

The truth

The truth is... Medical bills a causeing may problems in a world. One by one people and familys with health issues are going bankrupted each day just because of medical bills!

Bummer your bankrupted

Your probaly are wondering how medical bills are causing problems. Well they are casusing over 15,000 people to go bankrupeted every year. This is a very serious problem i mean you are just trying to live not go bankrupted.

super sad sickness

Another reason why medical/ hostpital bills should be lowerd is because, Its not your fault your sick . You shouldnt have to pay thousnds of dollers to live your life. Did you know that the average cost of an hosptial stay is over 1,700$ a day. And thats just the average of someone thats really sick imagine how much money kids that have cancer and basiclly live in the hospital.





  1. 1.

    the state of being bankrupt.

    "many companies were facing bankruptcy"

    synonyms:insolvency, liquidation, failure, ruin, financial ruin, collapse, receivership

    "many companies were facing bankruptcy"

  2. 2.

    the state of being completely lacking in a particular quality or value.

    "the moral bankruptcy of turning away desperate people"

Do Your Job Docter

Another reason i have for why medical bills are horrible is, its the docters job to take care of you. You shouldnt have to work extra or save up money. Did you know over 69% of people are stressed or think they would be stressed to make money or save thousends of money for medical bills.

Life Isn't Fair

Another reason why medical bills are bad is becasue, they are just flat out not fair. You are sick, you want to be cared for. You denfitly dont want to loose all your money.

Still dont belive me?

• it cost 10,000 dollers just to have a baby.

•it cost 2,500 for an average broken arm fix.

•it cost 190$ for an arm x-ray.

•it cost 5,442$ to have your tonciles taken out.

•medical bills are the bigfest reason for U.S. Bankrupts.

•94% of people say the government should lower the cost of medical bills.

•a bottle of a ceartian cancer medicne cost 10,000$ a month.

•for a family to lower hospital bills (insurence) it cost 1,403$ a month

•to remove a bain cancer it cost 50,000$ (For a small tumor)

•to remove a large brain tumor it cost up to 700,00$


This boys parents are gonna have to pay a fortune!


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Vacation disaster

my teachers step dad was acting weird. So he went to folordia to get sun shine and to see his sisters, but his sisters were noticing that he was acting weird like, not wamting to go to church amd taking alot of naps. So one of the sisters took his blood pressure and it was weird so they took my teachers step dad to the docter. They thought of all the symtons was brain tumor, so they did an MRI scan to see of it was serious, and indeed it was brain tumor/ brain cancer. And he was just trying to get on a vacation, and he found out he had brain cancer! Did you know that ONE pill cost 33$ and he has to take 6 a day thats 99$ a day to love his life.
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Let check out of this hospital!

Alright so now we went over the reasons and storys on why medical bills should be lowerd we can check out of this expensive big hospital. Be carefull becasue anything can happen to happen to any at anytime. And it might just cost you a fortune!