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St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - Sept. 13, 2013

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“Indecision becomes decision with time.” - Unknown Author

School Picture Day is September 26th

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Ten Hundred Club tickets available in the school office!

We currently have Ten Hundred Club tickets available in the school office.

This school fundraiser nets $10,000 for the school if all 200 chances are sold. Each

month (last Friday of the month) we draw a winner who receives $1000. Everyone who purchases a chance has an opportunity to win all 10 months. Monthly winners are putback in the drawing each month and may win again. This has happened several times throughout the years we have been doing this. Chances to win are good because we only sell 200 chances. Winners get a total of $10,000 ($1000/mo for 10 months) and the school nets $10,000.

I am asking that you please take or sell a chance. Just call the office or send me an e-mail and I will make sure you get a ticket(s). Once you buy or sell please return the ticket stub and $100 to the school office. I am not asking you to buy but if you wish to be in the drawing each month it is your choice. The first drawing will be September 30, 2013.

This is very important fundraiser for the school. These proceeds are used in the school budget to offset tuition cost. Without these proceeds we would have to charge more for tuition, so everyone benefits if all the tickets are sold.

Thank you in advance for selling this ticket.

Kevin Brever



Quick Recall Teams

7th and 8th Quick Recall

Ian Barnett

Brianna Bragg

Jacob Pruitt

Jill Roberts

Tommy Sigman

Ashlynn Tucker

Madison Wilson

Allen Zou

6th Grade Quick Recall

Jackson Bland

Michael Brown

Mariyah Martin

Trenton Meuscke

Trent Murphy

Billy Schnieders

To see what and how your student is doing at school, be sure to log in to EngradePro each day.

Your student or his/her teachers have communicated to you that we are using EngradePro. Please use the access credentials (username and password) provided by your student's teacher to login at:

EngradePro is the online gradebook and class organization system that has been adopted for use at St. Paul.

EngradePro has the ability to securely report individual student progress and grades for assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. EngradePro is a 21st century tool with added features that many other programs do not, including the security of online data backup and access.

If you have not done so, please access your parent account for this program. For more information see: EngradePro Parent Quickstart Guide

News from the Classroom

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Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade has 2 new additions to their classroom!

Meet Molly and Buster!

Raegan Gibson has donated 2 tiny turtles that will not get any bigger than the center of an adult hand. The students will be taking care of our new class pets. We are very excited to welcome them!!

Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade had some wonderful Plant Cell Projects this week. Beautiful posters, a piñata, jello, chocolate, lego and power point plant cells were all presented.

We are reading Island of the Blue Dolphin.

In English, we are studying Compound and Complex sentences.

Class Piano Lab

Have you ever thought of signing your children up for Piano Lessons?

Saint Paul and Anthony Ransom are considering starting a “Piano Music Lab” for children in groups of 8-10 students.

Many parents have inquired about private lessons and we think we just might have found the answer. The students will be in small groups with instruction by Anthony Ransom.

The lessons would be after school and available to parish, school and any student in the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you are interested in learning more about the “Piano Music Lab” or want to see this program get started please complete ask for a signup sheet and return to the Parish or School Office.

September is rockin” in SPD!

PS/PK has been learning the basics of traveling in the gym. We played some moving games this week.

K and 1st are learning how to throw with the correct hand and feet positions. We are also learning a new warm-up song.

2nd/3rd grades played boundary and formation games. We are also starting on throwing and catching skills.

4th/5th grades practiced soccer dribbling and kicks. We played a game called Circle Dribble.

Middle School is continuing our soccer unit for September.

READ,READ,READ this September! We have many new books here in the library.

PS/PK/K and 1st grade students have been learning about authors and illustrators. We are doing an author study for September on Mo Willems.

PS/PK met “Pete the Cat last week. This week we read "Pete the Cat and His White Shoes".

Kindergarten students made “Pigeon” book covers and they are displayed in the library hall.

1st graders started checking books out this week!

2nd/3rd graders learning how to be (LSS) Library Secret Service Agents after reading "Never Let a Ghost Borrow your Library Book".

4th/5th graders have started discussing “Circle Talks," which will focus on collaborating and asking questions about the books that they read.

6th graders are finishing their “chalk talk” posters and they will be soon displayed in the hall.

7th/8th graders continue to work on their book trailers. 7th graders took their STARS test this week.


  • The PS, PK and K classes are learning how to use a computer mouse - how to select, drag, and double-click objects.
  • The 1st graders will be learning about Processor and I/O Devices. They learn how to identify and care for basic computer components, including the keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, and printer. Students also learn about processors and how each basic computer component can be classified as an input device or an output device.
  • The 2nd graders are learning about Data Storage including computer hard drives, optical drives, USB ports, flash drives, optical drives, CDs, DVDs, and how computers read and write data. They are also introduced to the concept of accessing files that are stored on disks.
  • The 3rd graders have reviewed how to recognize and use the basic symbols of technology, and are now learning about how to prevent, stop, and not participate in cyber bullying.
  • The 4th graders have reviewed basic computer concepts, such as using the desktop, working with files and folders, and navigating file structures, and will be discussing Netiquette - including the proper online behavior and online safety.
  • The 5th graders are working on a journal lesson that will help them understand how to stop being cyber bullied, what to do when others are cyber bullied. They create info guides to educate other students about what cyber bullying is, what to do if they are cyber bullied, how to deter cyber bullying, and what the consequences are for cyber bullying.
  • The 6th graders are reviewing the concepts of online ethics. They will complete a journal lesson called, Ethics and Consequences where they will answer questions about acceptable use policies, copyright laws, privacy, ethical issues and consequences for computer hacking, piracy, intentional virus setting, and invasion of privacy.
  • The 7th and 8th graders have studied the case of Kitty Genovese, and also what is called "the Bystander Effect". Using their EngradePro discussion boards they are answering questions like: What is a bystander? How did you feel after watching the bystander effect video? Have you ever been a bystander in a bullying situation? What is the difference between reporting versus snitching?. Included in the discussion are ideas as to how they can support and befriend people that are being cyber bullied.