Kadie Snipes

World Hunger

About 1 billion people suffer from world hunger (Foley). In our society today, it has become one of the biggest problems in the world and is almost considered a natural disaster. Do you yourself, or anyone you know, suffer from hunger each day? Going hungry everyday is unacceptable and must be solved so that each individual will have food on his or her table. How can the UN provide agricultural goods to world countries to end world hunger? There are many ways to solve this complication, and we, as humans must work together to end the starvation of other humans.

How Can We Solve this Natural Disaster?

You Can Make A Difference!

The goal this year is to have a world with “zero hunger” (On World Food Day, UN World Food Programme Highlights Progress Towards Zero Hunger Even As Multiple Emergencies Flare). It’s a challenging goal to accomplish but many are working to find new ways to achieve it. Through out the year, disasters occur and emergency food is sent to those countries. There are many fundraisers and 5k’s to raise money to support the efforts of stopping world hunger, especially when disaster strikes. The UN needs to help by distributing crops equally to all countries, and making the prices cheaper and more affordable. Food can become more affordable by having robotic labor. Fundraisers will be needed to support the UN in order to make food affordable and still provide food banks for the poor (Giménez).

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