Ms. Drexler's 4th Grade

September 1, 2016

We had such a great first week here in Room 208! The week has flown by and I am truly enjoying getting to know your child. We spent a majority of the past four days practicing our routines and procedures, as well as getting to know each other. As your son/daughter may have shared with you, we often refer to our class as a team or as a family. I find great value in spending the first few days taking a good chunk of time really learning about one another. I find that creating a classroom community from the start is valuable and ensures that students support one another and treat each other kindly. I can confidently say that we have a WONDERFUL bunch of fourth grade friends in Room 208. I am just so excited to spend the year with such an awesome group of students. I am eager to share with you how Room 208 operates, what our rules and routines are, and what we will be learning this year on September 14th at “Meet the Teacher” night. Until then, I want to share some information that you may find useful before we get to chat on that Wednesday.

Daily Reading: I briefly posted on Classdojo about daily homework. I encourage students to read every day (in school and at home.) We write in our assignment books to read for homework every night. While I am not requiring that students read a certain amount of minutes every night, I do ask that they are reading. I do not want students to view reading as an inconvenience or a task that they have to do. I want them to want to read on their own! I have developed a few different initiatives in class to try to motivate students to read outside of school. I will explain this in more detail at Meet the Teacher, but would love your support with this. Please encourage your child to read at home. Most importantly, please communicate with me if you are struggling to get your child to read. We can work together to find something that will work.

School Supplies: Thank you for sending your child in with all of the wonderful school supplies they need. We labeled our four folders together and have those ready to go. Most students were able to bring in a 3 ring binder. Some students mentioned they had one at home and just needed to bring it in. We will use this binder for writing. I kindly ask that you make sure your child has a 3 ring binder in class with us. If you could get these over the long weekend that would be wonderful. No worries at all if not and please reach out if you are unable to buy some of the mentioned supplies.

Class Dojo: Thank you to all the parents who signed up on our Class Dojo. For those of you who have not yet had the time, please try to log on to our class account if you get a free moment this weekend. I appreciate that the website allows you to log on and view how your child is doing in class. I know some were having trouble logging on and had some questions about how the website operates. Please email me if you are unable to log on. I will go over Class Dojo in more detail at “Meet the Teacher” but just wanted to keep you in the loop in the mean time. I will send important information out daily in lieu of weekly newsletters. Please let me know if you are unable to access Classdojo to ensure that you receive the necessary information.

Allergies: Please remember that Room 208 is a nut free classroom. I encourage you to keep this in mind as you pack a snack for your child. Some products like granola bars do in fact contain nuts. Please take an extra minute to check out the ingredients before sending it in with your child.

Our specials schedule is:

Day 1: none

Day 2: Library (books!)

Day 3: Music

Day 4: Art

Day 5: Gym (Sneakers!)

When we come back to school on Tuesday following our holiday break we will have P.E. so please remember to send your child to school in sneakers!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to let me know! And believe me- I will do the same!

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend and I am looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks.

-Ms. Drexler