Mr. B's Biology Class

3rd Hour is AWESOME!!!!

My Learning Style

My learning style is working by myself so I can learn the math myself instead of someonne helping me.

Ethnic/ Cultural Background

My ethnic and cultural background is Cathloic because my dad and mom is Cathloic and their my blood so I am Cathloic..

Bucket List


My biggest fear of high school is the peer pressure some people are giving during school or after school......

I am good at....

Well, to start with I am good at Parkour obviously and skateboarding because for 1 parkour is a good thing to me and its dangerous and for 2 parkour is fun to me and exiting. Skateboarding is a good sport to do also to me and its fun and exiting.

My Favorite thing to do....

Well, my favorite thing to do is parkour and skateboarding because they are both fun, exiting, and can be dangerous but parkour is more dangerous than skateboarding.