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Extended Content Standards

State Website for Significant Disabilities

Looking for information on the Extended Content Standards? The state consultant for students with significant disabilities has started a website with information. The standards can be found on this page as well as videos and PowerPoints showing how to read the standards. Check it out!

The website can be found at

Reading the Standards

Noun Verb Strategy

Is your child having difficulty understanding exactly what the standards are asking? There are strategies that can be used to help decipher the standards. One strategy is called the Noun/Verb Strategy. In this strategy, look for the noun and the verb to find out what the standard is asking for.

For example, Extended Content Standard Reading: Informational text.K.5 from NCDPI reads: With guidance and support, identify the front cover of the book. The verb is identify and the noun phrase is the front cover of the book.

Identifying the noun tells us what students are asked to do and identifying the verb tells us how they will demonstrate learning. So, in the above standard, students will demonstrate learning by identifying the front cover of a book with guidance and support from an adult.

But what about a math standard?

Extended Content Standard Kindergarten.Counting & Cardinality.4 from NCDPI says: Demonstrates one to one correspondence by pairing one object with one and only one number and each numeral with only one object. The verb phrase is demonstrates by pairing and the noun phrase is one to one correspondence. The rest gives us specifics: students are going to demonstrate 1:1 correspondence specifically by pairing one object with one numeral and each numeral with only one object.

If you want to watch a live demonstration of this strategy in action, click here. You will then click on the link for the Extended Content Standards video.

Next time we will delve into the Word Search Strategy.