ConnectED 2019 Executive Conference

Activating and Sustaining Resilient Leadership

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ConnectED 2019: Executive Conference ~ Wednesday, 15th May

7:30 Registration Begins

8:00 Variety of school-based performances in registration area

. . . . Sponsors Zone open for visiting executive staff

8:30 Featured Performer

8:35 Acknowledgment of Country

8:40 Official opening of the 5th ConnectED Executive Conference

8:45 Joanne Jarvis, School Leadership Institute (45-minute keynote)

9:30 Ann McIntyre (30-minute keynote and 50-minute workshop)

10:50 Morning Tea - Sponsors' Zone open for visiting executive staff

11:20 Emeritus Professor Thomas Guskey (30-minute keynote and 50-minute workshop)

12:40 Lunch - Sponsors' Zone open for visiting executive staff

1:30 Professor Pasi Sahlberg (30-minute keynote and 50-minute workshop)

2:50 Final Provocation with entire panel - Jane Caro compering

3:15 Motivational Address - Jane Caro

4:00 Close of 2019 ConnectED Executive Conference

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This page contains specific information about the ConnectED 2019 Conference for NSW Public Schools' P-12 Principals, CEO's, Directors, Educational Leadership, Executive Directors and higher.

Principled Learning by Principals, for NSW DoE P-12 Executive (AP, HT, DP, SEO1, SEO2)

Wednesday, May 15th, 8am-4pm

430 Wine Country Drive

Lovedale, NSW

World-Class Speakers ~ in the Hunter Valley annually!

Keynote Speakers for P-12 Executive (one day only)

Ann McIntyre, Churchill Fellow

Joanne Jarvis, Director, School Leadership Institute

Professor Pasi Sahlberg, The Gonski Institute

Emeritus Professor Thomas Guskey, The University of Kentucky

and: Jane Caro, Public Education Advocate

Q&A ~ Provocation

Ann McIntyre, Pasi Sahlberg, Thomas Guskey, Joanne Jarvis with Jane Caro

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Accommodation - Read Below: Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

All bookings must be made directly with in-house Reservations (02 4991 0970) between 7:00am – 7:00pm, Monday – Friday. You will be able to access ConnectED group contracted rates subject to Hotel availability by calling this number.

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