Odysseus the Hero

By: Jordyn Todd

Odysseus Tells his Tale: The Cyclops' Cave

Odysseus is a hero because he shows leadership by taking his men to the Cyclops' cave. I know this because he says, "The rest of you loyal friends stay here, while I and my crew take ship and try and find out who these men are"

Odysseus Tell his Tale: Polyphemus returns

Odysseus is a hero because he saved a wife and child and he told some of his crew to watch the ship while he and 12 of his best crew went to the cave. I know this because he says, "Then I ordered the rest of my loyal friends to stay there and guard the ship, while I selected the twelve a best men and went forward. I took with me goatskin filled with dark sweet wine that Maron, son of Euanthes, priest of Apollo guardian god of Ismarus, had given me, because out of respect we protected him, his wife and child. He offered me splendid gifts, seven talents of well-wrought gold, and silver mixing-bowl: and wine"

Odysseus Tells his tale: Trapped

Odysseus is a hero because he comes up with a courageous plan to escape the Cyclopes. I know this because he say, Then I formed a courageous plan to steal him, draw my sharp sword, and feeling for the place where the midriff supports the liver, stab him there"
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