Counselor's Corner

CES ~ February

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Guidance Lessons Schedule

February 3-7th: 2nd grade

February 10-13th: 1st grade

February 18-21st: Kinder

College and Career Week! February 18th-21st

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Continuing our Great 8 Skill: GOAL-DIRECTED BEHAVIOR!

Definition: A person’s initiation of and persistence in completing difficult tasks.

The Why: Perseverance toward a goal is the single most important determinant of success.

Key Concepts:

  • Know what you want.

  • Be Proactive… create a road map to get there.

  • Got Grit? If not, then get it. Perseverance is the key to getting there.

  • Resistance…challenge builds physical and mental muscles.

Components of the Skill of Goal-Directed Behavior

  • Keep trying when unsuccessful

  • Take steps to achieve goals

  • Try to do your best

  • Seek out additional knowledge or information

  • Take an active role in learning

  • Do things independently

  • Ask to take on additional work or responsibilities

  • Show creativity in completing a task

  • Seek out challenging tasks

Great stories to read at home about begin goal-driven and following your dreams!

Parenting Books to check out!

Gifted & Talented Testing

GT Testing will begin with 5th grade students starting in December. These students will also be given portfolio lessons throughout the remainder of the year. Testing results and portfolio ratings will be reviewed by a committee, and parents will be notified if their student qualifies at the end of the school year.

Here is the schedule for GT testing:

February 3-28: 1st and 2nd testing

March 2-31: 3rd and 4th testing


If your child is in grades 3-5 they will be taking the STAAR test this year. The following is an outline of subjects tested:

3rd grade- Math and Reading

4th Grade- Math, Reading, and Writing

5th grade- Math, Reading, and Science (Students in 5th have up to 3 chances to take and pass the STAAR to promote to 6th grade)

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