student voice training

at miller education centre by tristan

first day

We had many laughs and learnt many new things at miller education school. We are thinking about updating the school website more often. learning all the skills such as embeding has been more fun than i have ever expected.The food was delicious, it was like a buffet. Can't wait for the second day.

Second day

Well well well, what another great day.Not only were there more laughs but we learnt heaps more skills. We learnt new things about photography. Once again gourmet food was given.


Tagxedo is a great web based tool that allows you to create pictures with word presented creatively. To create a tagxedo click on the website below.


This picture is a third line picture. When taking a third line picture put the character back instead of in the middle. Give the character some space in front of him so he can breathe.
This photo shows the lead line method. The lead line method is when a photo has a path which is not so obvious. For example the path in this photo is the three trees in a straight line