George Frederic Handel


George Frederic Handel

George Frederic Handel was born on February 23, 1685 in Thuringia, Germany. From early age he really wanted to study music, but his father objected. His father wouldn't even let him own or play an musical instrument. His mother approved of his studies, she was the only one that actually encouraged him.

Handel's employer

George Frederic Handel worked for wealthy people such as King George the First.

Persanol Life

His most famous music piece was called Messiah.


His father never supported his studies what so ever, he wouldn't even let him own or play a musical instrument. How ever he died when George was only 12. His mother supported his studies fully and she encouraged him to believe in him self the whole way through.


Handel died on April 14, 1759. He died in his bed from natural causes in his rent house on 25th Brook street in London, he was 74.