Homeless Bill

By Hannah Dickson and Lilith Feltus

Where it began...

In January 2015, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the US. Sometimes for reasons beyond their control. Some for losing jobs and not being able to pay rent. Or their family kicked them out.

Our bill will help the homeless begin a journey back to their old ways. To help them begin their path to getting a job, or a home.

Homeless Provisonal Bill

Objective: Create a space for a permanent homeless village where people that are homeless would get a hand up (not a hand-out). These villages would provide homes, work (maintenance city clean-up, lawn care), resources to help the homeless become a productive member of society.

Funding: A one cent tax on hotel and restaurant, fundraising and federal grants.

Oversight: A cohesive board of directors make up of city leaders, religious leaders, and non-profit organizations: with independent accounting oversight.

Man Builds Tiny House For A Homeless Woman Sleeping In The Dirt!