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Portage Township Schools would like to congratulate the following PTS Bus Drivers, who have each served the district for more than 25 years:

Lynn Messinger - 28 Years

Lynn has been a dedicated member of the Portage Township Schools Transportation Department who takes the role she plays in students lives to heart.

Cindy Jones - 27 Years

Cindy says that the students are what make driving a school bus special. She can recall several students throughout her tenure at Portage who left a special impression on her.

Lavada Coke - 40 years

Lavada was born to be a bus driver! She loves seeing the children each day and working with a great team at Portage Township Schools. "It's in my blood; I've got to keep doing it."

Barbara Allison - 33 Years

Barbara says she learns so much from the students. She earns the respect of the students by treating them with respect as well. Barbara loves everyone she works with and says her fellow bus drivers make her laugh every day.

Sandy Miles - 36 years

Sandy has a genuine love for her students. She greets each student with a "good morning" every day, and she enjoys watching their faces light up when they board the school bus.

JoAnn Elkins - 25 Years

For JoAnn, driving a bus is about more than transporting students. She takes pride in making a difference in students' lives by being a positive influence.

Freedah Wright - 25 Years

Freedah has amazing co-workers who all focus on the safe transport of students. Her favorite aspect of being a bus driver is all of the smile she gets to see each day. Freedah says, "How many people can say they have over 100 smiles a day?"

These dedicated individuals offer a smiling face and kind words to everyone who enters their buses all while ensuring each student is transported to and from school safely. Thank you for all you do!


Learn about the dangers associated with vaping

Wednesday, Oct. 16th, 6-7:30pm

Portage High School West Auditorium

Portage Township Schools parents, guardians, staff, and community members are invited to join us for our Vaping Symposium and Information Night on October 16 at the PHS West Auditorium at 6:00 p.m.

This informative event will begin with a presentation on how adults can identify vape products and look for signs that their child is vaping. Following the presentation is a panel discussion featuring school staff and community experts who will be discussing the legal ramifications, psychological impacts, and disciplinary consequences of vaping. Participants will leave feeling empowered to have important conversations with their children and students about the dangers of vaping. (*This is an adult-only event.)


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Thursday, October 10 is the Great Lakes Apple Crunch! Students at all of our schools will have the opportunity to enjoy a delicious apple farmed in a local orchard in the Great Lakes region. Apples will be available to all students during lunch hours at all PTS schools.


Portage Robotics visits Challenge Ed

Being on the Robotics team takes some serious teamwork, so the Advanced Robotics class took a trip to the Challenge Ed course! While there, they completed a series of challenges that required them to practice their communication and collaboration skills.

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Saylor second grade takes field trip to Johnson's Farm

The second grade classes at Saylor Elementary took a trip to Johnson's Farm this week! They learned about how produce is grown, took a tour of the U-Pick fields, picked fresh produce, and enjoyed a sample. After spending a little time on the "Fun Farm," the students picked a pumpkin to take home. Thank you to Johnson's for hosting our students!

South Haven's Summer Readers visit the South Haven Fire Department

South Haven Elementary celebrated the top readers from their summer reading program last week! Students walked to the South Haven Fire Department where they learned about the equipment on the trucks, took a tour of the station, and got a ride back to school in a fire truck. Thank you so much to the South Haven Fire Department for hosting our students and helping us celebrate literacy!

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Myers Elementary students learn about the effects of weather

Mrs. Mann’s fourth grade class at Myers Elementary spent some time in the Innovative Learning Lab learning about chemical weathering! The students used Alka-Seltzer tablets to mimic weather effects and how limestone changes in different temperatures. This was a fun, hands-on experiment for our students!

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