Fashion Ancient Egypt

Weather of Egypt determines fashion colors and fabric and weather was instrumental in the making of clothes and accessories

Flax was the raw material with which the dresses were produced. In this age it was believed that clothing made from other material was impure and the principal colour was white.

Female clothing

Women wore long with very high waist skirts, like a long, tight dress, one piece, bound with two straps, which sometimes were broad and covered their breasts. They also wore a kind of short cloak covering their shoulders.

Women workers had broader clothes, some were naked.


Men used a kind of skirt called faldellin that was made with a

fabric whose ends were knotted backwards, to hip height and

whose length is stretched knees.

Workers were naked or wore a light linen cloth as underpants.

The important men used to use a coat or saya around her shoulders to cover her body.


Children wore no clothing until they were 6 years old. Once they turned six years old they were allowed to wear clothing to protect them from the dry heat. A popular hairstyle among the children was the side-lock on the right side of the head. Even though children usually wore no clothing, they wore jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, collars, and hair accessories. When they grew up, they wore the same styles as their parents.


They wore sandals made from plant fibers, but kings could wear sandals made of other materials, such as braided leather, and bring all kinds of ornaments.

In everyday life men were barefoot and only in some special occasion, they wore sandals: when they had to go somewhere, they carried, sandals in hand, or tied to an their stick in order to put them on when reaching their destination.


The Egyptian darkened her eyebrows and eyelashes with galena mixed with water and applied it wet with the help of sticks made of wood, metal or bone.They also used tattoos. Cosmetic products were first used to protect against the effects of hot, dry climate of Egypt.


Men commonly shaved their heads to cover their heads, they used fake wigs and women a particular headdress (claft) that formed a square canvas, made with a striped fabric, adjusted to the forehead and fell to sides.

The nobles wore wig, common for both sexes, were the most commonly played for the head. It was made with hair and horsehair.


They were persons who liked the decorations, they had social classes, although the peasants were simpler. The jewels were large and heavy, which seems to denote an Asian influence. The bracelets were also great. The stones most commonly used were, the lapis lazuli, carnelian, turquoise, and silver and gold metals.

Egyptian Fashion Today

The magic of pharaohs, queens and Egyptian gods, such as Cleopatra and Anubis, has been an inspiration for designers and creators from the whole world throughout history.

Nowadays, there are clothes, shoes and makeup inspired by Egyptian trends.

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