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Reopening 2020

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Welcome Back Eagles!

We have been busy around campus preparing for what is sure to be an epic school year. Our teachers have been busy setting up their classrooms, training for our new Canvas learning platform, and preparing lessons to to welcome our students back. A special shout out to our plant operations staff for their hard work to ensure our campus is sanitized, clean, and the appropriate protocols are in place for the health and safety of our staff and students. It was wonderful to see so many smiling faces in our Drive Thru event last week. We know our Eagles are ready to get back to school. While we know this school year will be different, it will still be a great year to be an Eagle. Included in this guide will be information and reminders about arrival/dismissal, breakfast/lunch, and some other important details to help us transition back to the building!

Mrs. Hill & Mr. Stevens

The campus opens at 8:15 and School begins at 8:45

Arrival to Campus

  • When students arrive on campus they will go directly to their classrooms. Please make sure that you don't drop your child off in the car line before 8:15 when the blue doors open at the end of the car circle. Students cannot be left unattended before 8:15am

  • Walkers and bike riders may enter the campus through the front doors.

  • If a student would like breakfast, he/she will stop at a Grab and Go cart near the media center for car riders or in the bus circle for our bus riders. Students will take their breakfast with them to the classroom.

  • Students are required to wear a mask during arrival.

  • Staff will be on campus to assist student getting to class each day

How Can Parents Help With Arrival?


  • Make sure your child arrives to school each day between 8:15-8:45. Please be patient as our car line may be busy and long the first few days of school.

  • If you are driving on campus you must use the car line for drop off. Parking and walking up will not be permitted.

  • Make sure that your child is seated on the passenger side of the car so that they can safely get out of the car once in the unloading area.

  • We will not have safety patrols on duty for the first nine weeks so it will be important that your child can easily exit the car. We will have some staff to help.

  • Parents MUST stay in the car while in the car line.

  • Please DO NOT try to pass another car unless you are directed to do so by a staff member.

  • If you are riding a bike or walking with your child to school, please stop at the PreK gate and allow your child to continue walking or bike riding along the sidewalk to enter the campus.

  • Make sure your child wears his/her mask on when they enter the campus.

Arriving to School By Bus

  • Make sure your child is at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the assigned pick up time.

  • Remind your child that there will be assigned seats, loading from back to front, based upon bus stops.

  • Make sure your child wears his/her mask while riding the bus. They must have it on before entering the bus.

  • If you have multiple children riding the bus, the driver may ask for siblings to sit together.

Pre K Arrival to Campus

  • Pre K parents will pull up to the Pre K building between 8:15-8:45.

  • Make sure all of your child's materials are in his/her backpack.

  • Parents will walk their child to the front of the Pre K building and drop their child off with one of the staff members outside who will then walk your child in to the classroom.

  • Parents will sign their child in each morning at the table outside of the building.

  • Parents and students must wear masks during arrival.

  • If you have other children (K-5) to drop off, please utilize the car line or have them walk along the walker/bike rider sidewalk to enter the campus immediately.

Pre K Dismissal Processes

  • Pre K dismissal begins at 2:20 (3 year olds) and 2:30 (4 year olds)

  • Pre-K parents will park in the same area as drop off in the morning.

  • Pre-K parents will sign their child out and a staff member will bring your child to you.

  • Parents should wear a mask at arrival and dismissal and maintain social distancing.

  • After picking up your child, please go directly to your car and exit the campus.

  • If you have siblings, please enter the front car circle line (K-2) or the back car line (3-5).

How Will Your Child Go Home?

Please click here if you have not completed the survey for how your child will be going home. By completing this quick survey, it will help us be organized during the dismissal process.

Front Car Line Dismissal (K-2 and their older siblings)

  • Kindergarten - Second Grade and their older siblings will be picked up in the front car line.

  • Students will be staged socially distanced in our courtyard area and called out once parents are in the loading area.

  • For the first week of school or so we will begin calling students for the front car line beginning at 2:45.

  • Students are required to wear a mask during dismissal and transitioning on the campus.

  • Make sure to have your child's name and grade level on a hanging tag. If you don't have a tag yet, please use a piece of paper until we can give you one during the first week of school.

  • Parking and walk ups WILL NOT be permitted. This will help us prevent gatherings of large groups in the front of our campus. You will be directed to your car and asked to enter the car circle line.

  • Please be sure your child can safely load from the PASSENGER side of the car.

  • Parents must stay in their car while in the car circle.


Back Car Line (Grades 3-5)

  • Students in Grades 3-5 will be picked up in our bus circle area on the east side of campus.

  • Parents are asked to line up on the right side of the road to allow buses to enter the bus circle.

  • Buses will be loaded and dismissed BEFORE we begin the back car line. This could take some time the first week or so of school.

  • Students will be staged socially distanced in the car loading area and called to their car once in loading area.

  • Students are required to wear a mask during dismissal and transitioning on the campus.

  • Make sure to have your child's name and grade level on a hanging tag. If you don't have a tag yet, please use a piece of paper until we can give you one during the first week of school.

  • Parking and walk ups WILL NOT be permitted. The back car line is located within the secure perimeter of our campus so no parents will be allowed to walk up.

  • Please be sure your child can safely load from the PASSENGER side of the car.

  • Parents must stay in their car while in the car circle.

Please see the car line map below! This map was also included in your first day packets picked up during Meet and Greet.

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  • Students will be required to wear their masks throughout the day. This will include arrival/dismissal, transitions throughout the campus (to and from lunch, specials etc.) and during classroom instruction.

  • Mask breaks will be built into the day by the classroom teacher. When in the cafeteria for lunch students may have their masks off while actively eating or drinking. Once they are finished eating, they will put their masks back on.

  • All students will receive a package of 5 cloth masks (you may have your child wear his/her own mask as long as it is appropriate for school)

Cafeteria Updates

  • Breakfast will ONLY be served from 8:15-8:45.

  • Two Grab and Go Breakfast carts will be located on campus for students to get breakfast and head directly to their classrooms in the morning.

  • Only students in our YMCA before care program will be eating breakfast in the cafeteria.

  • Pre K breakfasts will be delivered to the Pre K building.


  • Our lunch times are scheduled to promote social distancing.

  • Each class will have assigned tables and students will have assigned seats.

  • Our cafeteria tables have been split apart, so that all students will be facing the same direction.

  • Stickers have been placed 6 feet apart on cafe benches to support social distancing.

  • Students wishing to purchase lunch will be socially distanced in the lunch line before heading to their assigned seat.

  • Students will wear masks to and from the cafeteria AND when they are done eating.

  • Our Pre K and Access classes will be eating in the classroom. Some K-5 classes may choose some days to also eat in the classroom.

Other Eagle Updates

Safety Patrols

We count on our Safety Patrols each day on campus to assist with campus safety. It will be very hard to start the year without them. At this time, we will not have safety patrols supporting our campus. This will be reevaluated after our first 9 weeks by the district.

Gifted Classes

In order to support the cohort model for clustering students, we have gone back to a once a week structure for gifted service. Gifted will begin the week of August 31st. Mrs. Wilson and Mrs. Paulson will be in contact with our gifted program families within the first week of school.

Visitors and Volunteers

Our campus is closed for the first 9 weeks of the year to all volunteers and visitors. This will be reevaluated quarterly. Mentors will be virtual for the entire school year. Mrs. Shipley, our Family Community Liaison, will be working on creative ways for our volunteers to help from a distance.

Water Fountains

For the time being, water fountains have been closed. We ask that each student brings a full water bottle to school each day. We do have a water bottle filling station in the cafeteria that students may use to refill bottles or they can use the sink in the classroom. We will have disposable cups for students who do not bring a water bottle to school.


We have added signage and floor stickers to support one way directional traffic and social distancing.

Handwashing and Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations have been placed in areas of the school without sinks to support handwashing. Students will have multiple opportunities to sanitize/wash their hands throughout the day.

YMCA Before/After School Program

Our onsite YMCA program will be providing curb service for families for drop off and pickup. If your child attends the YMCA they must arrive at the Y before 8:05 for drop off to not interfere with the carline. At dismissal, please wait to pick up from the Y until after 3:15 to avoid the traffic in the car line.

Front Office

During this time, please try to call or email the school if possible with any questions. If you must stop by, please know that we will only have one person in the lobby at a

time. You may be asked to wait in your car or outside. Thank you for your patience during this time.

Dropping Off Items

At this time, we are not accepting items left at home (i.e lunchboxes, homework) in the front office for delivery to classrooms. Please help your child get organized with all items for each school day. If a lunch is forgotten, students can buy lunch that day in the cafe.

Early Release

If you must pick your child up from school early, please notify his/her teacher and the front office. Students will not be called for dismissal until you have arrived. No students will be released after 2:15 unless they are ill.

Final Thoughts

Our theme this year focuses on being Game Changers. There is no other team that we would want to be a part of when times are challenging. We are all true Games Changers and it will take all of us (parents, staff, and students) to rise above! Our Cypress Woods community always rises to any occasion, and opening the school year will be no different.

Thank you for your support, patience and flexibility while we have worked at school to create an environment with optimal safety for staff and students. The entire staff is excited to get this school year started. We feel honored to serve this community.

#BeTheGameChanger #cweaglepride #EagleStrong #WeGotThis

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