We Were Heroes

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins

A World War Two Soldier, Normandy, France, 1944

What We Were Heroes Is About

WE WERE HEROES is about a 17 year old boy named Scott joined the army during World War Two. His friend joined the army with him, his name is Bobby Joe. Scott made other friends too. Scott became a sergeant. And at the end of the book he got shot right above the knee and had a limp for the rest of his life.


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The Purpose

The Purpose of writing this book is to inform the reader about WWII and tell the reader about how hard war really is. For example when Scott stormed on to the beach on D-Day he realized how hard war really was, everyone around him were getting shot and falling to the ground. Or when he was hiding under a truck while getting bombed by the Nazis, scared he was going to die.

War is a lot more then we think it is. Killing is a lot harder then it is in a video game because your taking a real life, and the person might have a family that will be sad forever.

In conclusion war is more then just shooting a gun, it involves killing, and that is harder then you think it is.

I choose this picture because the Nazis are the people who started WWII and they only people the fought against in the book.

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I choose this picture because the only way to stay in touch with home is through letters.

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Real pictures from D-Day, Omaha Beach

omaha beach amazing real pictures