Needing a Soul mate in My Life!!!!

Date me Now

Love is essential to living life to its fullest.


1. Able to communicate with me

2. Willing to be trustworthy with me

3. Having Compassion towards me

4. Can protect and Nourish the Relationship

5. Able to manage conflicts and differences without despair

Deal Breakers

1. Not willing to back me up

2. Not being trustworthy with me

3. Has an inability to communicate with me

4. Doesn't take me seriously

5. Doesn't get jealous when I talk with

another girl

Dream Date

My Dream date happens in a movie theater while me and my girlfriend are watching Cinderella. I bought her favorite candy and drink, so she could feel special .We both sat in the very back of the movie theater holding hands and looking each other in the eye. When Prince Charming puts the shoe on Cinderella I had my first kiss ever with my girlfriend.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive -Dalai Lama

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