Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can, and your half way there"

Early Life of Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt was born October 27,1958. His father was a business man and philanthropist, while his mother was a southerner raised on a plantation. Roosevelt grew up in New York City being the second oldest out of two sisters a one brother. Teddy was a sickly child with bad asthma, and was tutored at home with private teachers. In his teenage years he started to become more active and participated in many athletic activities. Theodore traveled to various places around Europe and the middle east, he even stayed with a host family in Germany for 5 months! in 1876 Theodore went to Harvard and studied a variety of different subjects.

Teddy's Progressive !

Through out Theodore Roosevelt's presidency he contributed to the progressive era. Teddy introduced a new way to settle disputes between owners/ employers and labor unions/employees through attribution. He promised Americans a " Square Deal". Demonstrating honesty in office, and introducing charisma into the political equation, Roosevelt challenged individualism. Teddy had a firm hand on domestic affairs, and was known for his skill in foreign affairs. in Theodore Roosevelt's presidency he regulated big business and worked against political machines.


Up Close In Personal

Acomplishments of teddy Roosevelt

Won the adoption of Drago Doctrine.

He became known as a trust buster.

Teddy brought business under a stronger regulation.

Why Teddy was Chosen

Theodore is known has legendary influencing this country in many ways. He always had a unique connection to the people because of his hardships that he endured. Teddy was ambitious, easy easy to relate to, and fixed and solved various problems that the country had.