YEH-SHEN summary

  1. YEH SHEN was set in a older time where she has a fish her step mother kills it then when YEH-SHEN found the fish it was dead so an old man told YEH-Shen that the fish was magic and could wish her any thing but she had to make sure that they were good wishes so YEH-SHEN wished to have a gown to go to the festival
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Cinderella lives in cottage with her evil sisters and step mother after a few days she want to go to the ball but her step mom said no soon her fairy god mother made her have a dress and look beautiful so she sneaked off to the ball her stepmom and step sisters saw her and didn't know it was her so they just walked past her and then the prince saw her and they danced and when the clock struck 11:59 she ran out and droped her glass slipper and went to her coach and went back to the cottage

Summary 3 differences/similarities

1. Has a fish in YEH-SHEN and in Cinderella theirs a fairy god mother

2. Has a festival in YEH-SHEN and in Cinderella theirs a ball

3. YEH-SHEN is set in a older time Cinderella is in a fantasy type of time

1. They both have something to wish on

2. They both have a party of some sort

3.They both have a evil step mother and two evil step sisters

My favorite story

I liked YEH-SHEN the best because it has nice colors nothing big more realistic and I realy like China.