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Carry on: The story of 2 boys who made a difference in each other's lives

2 senior boys in high school, were both very good at wrestling. But that wasn't just what they were good at. Leroy Sutton, had lost his legs in a train accident 8 years ago. Dayton Crockett is legally blind, but yet they still how became a dynamic duo that persevered in the face of adversity. Not only in wrestling, but in life. Dartanyon carried Leroy where ever he was without a wheelchair. Many good things happened to them, they both graduated, dartanyon got to train at the USA Olympic training center, and Leroy became a full time dad and went to college. The worst thing about that though was that they were separated. Until Lisa Fenn came into there lives. She helped them and cared for them and was like a 2nd mother to them. Dartanyon later one bronze in the 2012 Paralympic games, and Leroy is still a father and is working to get his bachelor degree in video game design

Losing to Win: A season on the court can change people's lives

The problem with this story is that all the girls have been in some some sort of trouble or have face a lot of adversity, and are in this other academy than in there regular schools. A particular few girls on the basketball team, start to realize how to play as a team. The coach was more worried about how they played, and applied that to there life, then the scoreboard. The Carroll academy basketball team lost every single game that year, but all those girls on that team, there lives had been changed forever. Through basketball, these girls found hope. Every single girl went on to go back to there old schools or graduated.

The Noble Experiment: One man's perseverance carved a path for civil rights

There were many adversity's Jackie Robinson and Branch Ricky had to face during their "Noble Experiment". For one, no one was really on there side. People didn't like the idea of having a black player in an all white pro league. Also, many people were scared about change. They didn't want there perfect baseball league with all white players messed up by a black person. Even though these things happened, there were many good things that happened to Jackie Robinson and Branch Rickey. For one, after the experiment was over, they got the respect they deserved by most people. Another good event that happened to them is that they basically carved a path for other great black baseball players to play in the MLB. It also made a big statement in civil rights history. It was before Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King. Jackie Robinson basically sparked the history of the civil rights movement.

Kid President Pep Talk: Motivating the next generation

This video was a motivation video because kid president is telling everyone to get up and do something with there life or encourage someone who needs that extra boost. Some of the characteristics are perseverance and determination to get up and do something. The most important reason that it is a motivation video is because it is encouraging you and its trying to motivate you to do something. Kid president is saying that you need to go out in the world and do something, make a change. Don't just sit there and wait for things to happen. He is trying to say nothing is impossible and to persevere whenever you face adversity

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Winston Churchill: The Hero of England

Winston Churchill was a very well-spoken/eloquent man. He did many things in his life, some good, some bad. Overall, he never saw the bad side of things, he always kept positive. As a young child, he really wasn't connected to his parents. He was basically raised by his nanny, Elizabeth Everest. When Churchill was 8, he was sent off to boarding school then off to military Harrow school. He learned a lot there and graduated almost at the top of his class. He went to the Royal Military College, which he graduated near the top of his class again. After college, he was given a commission as a Calvary officer. When Churchill got into the army, he always wanted to see action. Every leave he got, he traveled off to some fighting area or war zone to see the battles and help. He had contracts with several newspapers to write about what he had seen when he was there. That is what kicked off his great writing career. When he came back to London, he was a famous writer and a war hero. After the war, Churchill realized he didn't want to just follow laws, he wanted to help make them better. So he ran for a seat in parliament. He was successful and he did very well at it. Churchill was soon moving through the ranks of government, until he was removed from government because he overstepped his position. This is how it went basically for the rest of his political life. He was promoted and kicked out several times. He even became Prime Minister twice. After leading Britain in World War II, he resigned, and painted and wrote novels up until his death. He died on January 24, 1965 at the age of 90. And that's the legacy of Sir Winston Churchill.